How can I store DVPN on the Sentinel wallet?


Currently Sentinel only has a native wallet for Desktop. Other wallets that support DVPN are Keplr (web wallet) and Cosmosation (mobile and web wallet).

The Sentinel Desktop wallet

Step 1: Download the latest Sentinel wallet through the official Sentinel GitHub:

Step 2: Once downloaded open the application.

Step 3: It will now show you a configuration window. It’s recommended to leave this as is and click “Save”.

Click “Save”

Step 4: You will see a window to create your new account. You only enter your account name. No need to enter a Mnemonic if you want to create a new account. If you want to restore an old account you can enter the Mnemonic as well.

Create account
Enter “Account name” and click “Create”

Step 5: You will see the result of your new account. Make 100% sure you write down your Mnemonic (in the correct order!). This will be the only way to access your account if for example your PC crashes and you have to setup it up again. Also DO NOT enter your Mnemonic anywhere online or somewhere public. When making transactions a Memo IS NOT the same as your Mnemonic! A transaction Memo is public.

Make sure your Mnemonic is 100% safe, private and you made backups before you continue.

Step 6: You will see your fully configured Sentinel wallet.

From here you can transfer your DVPN to your Sentinel wallet and start staking.