How to stake your DVPN?

Staking Wallet

Staking within the Cosmos ecosystem and within Sentinel is called “Delegating”. Once you’re done setting up your Sentinel wallet you can start staking. But before you do that you want to be sure to stake to a good validator, as not all validators are equal. Read this article “How to choose a validator” to make a good decision.

Step 1: From the Sentinel wallet overview you scroll down to the validator your want to stake to and click the letter “D”.

Sentinel Validators
Click “D” to stake to that validator.

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to stake. Leave the memo empty! Enter the password you created earlier in this guide while setting up your wallet. Click “Delegate”.

Enter “amount” and click “Delegate”.

You will now see the staking transaction confirmation message. This means it’s successful and you are now earning now DVPN. Whenever you want you can claim your rewards:

In your Sentinel wallet overview you go to the “Withdraw Rewards” section. You select the validator you want to withdraw the rewards from and click “Withdraw”.

Select validator and click “Withdraw”.

After you claimed your rewards you can reinvest it for compounding by following step 1 and 2 again.