Sentinel dVPN Network

Sentinel is a web3 framework providing a community driven network of nodes that share their bandwidth, on which Decentralized VPNs and other such services are built. The purpose of the Sentinel ecosystem is to empower universal access to the internet in a trusted and provable manner. This will be done by allowing organizations and individuals around the world to construct cost-effective, scalable, distributed and decentralized networking solutions on Sentinel’s Cosmos-based blockchain.
Sentinel is a network of independent dVPN (decentralized virtual private network) applications, not just a single consumer facing dVPN.
Apart from releasing and maintaining the native Sentinel application on Desktop, Android and iOS other organizations will be able to utilize the power of the Sentinel blockchain by using the Sentinel Protocol. Sentinel strongly encourages other organizations to white-label the Sentinel protocol as the code is fully open sourced and transparant.
Last modified 6mo ago