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After a good amount of time spending on the Ethereum testnet blockchain we have made the switch to Cosmos and created our own blockchain connected to the Cosmos network. With this change our tokenomics has changed as well.

Target Monthly Inflation Rate

The inflation of the Sentinel coin ($DVPN) will be divided into epochs of 6 months. After each epoch, the inflation rate decreases by 6% in halving-like fashion. The initial inflation rate will be 49% on genesis (a monthly rate of 4.0833% in the first epoch). This model will be adopted until the blockchain validation rewards reach a 13% annualized inflation. From that point onwards, inflation will proceed in a constant decay model (on a per-block basis) approaching 0, until the Sentinel chain maximum hard cap of 48 billion coins.
In our 2 Medium blogs here and here we have explained this more thoroughly if you whish to dive in more.