How does the dVPN node reward system work?


For hosting a dVPN node there are currently 2 known reward systems:

  1. The base reward
  2. The bonus incentive reward

The base reward

Running a dVPN node brings with it costs for the owner. Think about costs for buying hardware and paying the electricity bill. Or paying the VPS provider. In return there is a reward system in place that is market based. So how does it work? Well the base reward depends on 2 things:

  • How high do you set your price for users to use your node as their dVPN?
  • How much do users use your node as their dVPN?

This will create a market for using a dVPN and strike a balance between the quality/performance of a node vs the price set by the owner. Setting the price too high will get you less customers and setting it too low will cut some of your profits.

The bonus incentive reward

This bonus incentive reward is called the “Bandwidth Mining Incentive”. You can read about this and all other incentives here. For an overview of all our incentive programs see here.