Created by volunteers for those, who value digital human rights just exactly like we do. BasedVPN is beautiful in its simplicity and ease of user access. The complexity of wallet management and connection authorization is abstracted away. It has integrated both Wireguard and V2Ray nodes into the application, and makes a decision on the user’s behalf on which is the best node to connect to based on the user’s country (e.g for Chinese users V2ray is preferred).
BasedVPN’s revenue model will be focused on generating ad-revenue from in-app advertisements that will come into effect after the application has gained a significant amount of traction (e.g 100k+ downloads). As of now the application is ad-free and the BasedVPN team is paying dVPN node hosts for bandwidth in $DVPN. In the future as bandwidth expenditures increase it is important for BasedVPN to generate revenue in order to meet these cost obligations to community hosted dVPN nodes.
For all their Sentinel products see here.
For more information on BasedVPN you can go to their website.