How can I store DVPN on the Sentinel wallet?

Currently Sentinel only has a native wallet for Desktop. Other wallets that support DVPN are Keplr (web wallet) and Cosmosation (mobile and web wallet). The Sentinel Desktop wallet Step 1: Download the latest Sentinel wallet through the official Sentinel GitHub: https://github.com/sentinel-official/desktop-client/releases Step 2: Once downloaded open the application. Step 3: It will now show you a configuration window. It’s […]

Staking Wallet

How to stake your DVPN?

Staking within the Cosmos ecosystem and within Sentinel is called “Delegating”. Once you’re done setting up your Sentinel wallet you can start staking. But before you do that you want to be sure to stake to a good validator, as not all validators are equal. Read this article “How to choose a validator” to make […]