Staking Validators

How to choose a validator to stake to?

In order to stake your DVPN you need to find the right validator to stake to. Validators are the ones taking care of the backbone of Sentinel, namely the blockchain itself. Collectively they maintain the blockchain, making sure all transactions are signed, upgrades are carried out ect. In order for Sentinel to be successful we […]

Staking Wallet

How to stake your DVPN?

Staking within the Cosmos ecosystem and within Sentinel is called “Delegating”. Once you’re done setting up your Sentinel wallet you can start staking. But before you do that you want to be sure to stake to a good validator, as not all validators are equal. Read this article “How to choose a validator” to make […]


How to redelegate DVPN to another validator?

If you are already delegated to a validator, but for some reason you want to change the validator you are staking to (also: see this how to choose a validator to stake to article). You can follow these steps to redelegate to another validator. Side note: Redelegating to another validator does not impact your qualification […]